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Brands and agencies use Roundabout to work with influencers

How does it work

Invitation-based campaigns complete with briefs, content management, and automatic payments. All in one app.

1 - Invitation-based campaigns

Choose invites to accept

No need to apply to participate in campaigns. Receive invitations from companies containing the brief, deadlines, and fee.

2 - Manage your work independently

Create and publish content

Give room to your creativity to create content aligned with the promotional brief. Agree with the company on content approval and go online!

3 - Automatic payments

Get your payments

Simply upload your invoice or receipt in the designated section to immediately redeem your compensation.

Free to choose and create

Roundabout allows you to choose Creators and know what they'll produce transparently, including all the support and flexibility you need in the process.

Always paid campaigns
We guarantee a fixed fee for each campaign you choose to participate in, based on your level.
Brands that match you
Find the perfect match for your collaborations by choosing the companies that represent you.
Job opportunities wherever you want
Select the city where you live, and you'll receive local and national job offers.

It's all you need

Our sole aim is to enhance the profession of the Content Creator and support you in your growth journey.

01 - Safe sign up

We use Instagram's official APIs to ensure the protection of your data.

02 - Profile approval

To receive campaigns, your profile needs to be approved based on your actual results.

03 - Fixed fees

We only offer collaborations with fixed monetary compensation based on the assigned level.

04 - Niche match

Receive invitations from small and medium-sized companies in line with your interests.

05 - Free to choose

You can decide whether to accept or decline participation invitations for the campaigns you love the most.

06 - Guided support

We assist you at any time of difficulty with the platform or with brands.

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