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To be precise.
To have control.

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+60 Topic filters

niche belonging to 8 macro categories to find exactly the target influencer you need


Once you find the profiles in target, you can save them to specific lists, ready to be activated in your campaigns

Lista preferiti



Quote budget and KPIs

with the Budget calculator to size campaigns according to your needs and objectives.

Calcolo budget e risultati


Quote Download

Set the campaign solution that suits your goal and download it in pdf to consult the quote with your team.

Download preventivo


1/3/12 month campaigns

to adapt them to your growth strategy based on the success path of companies like yours.

Campagne da 1/3/12 mesi


Brief control

and the guidelines influencers will follow when creating your content.

Controllo sul brief


Shipment management

and addresses of influencers involved in the campaign.

Gestione spedizioni


Brief Templates

to have a strategic and organizational structure input in case you didn’t know where to start.

Modelli precompilati di brief



Campaign Chat

to communicate updates to your entire campaign influencer team.

Chat interna alla campagna


Publication management

every influencer directly involved in the campaign’s internal calendar.

Gestione pubblicazioni


Influencers Rank

based on KPIs they reached over the last year. The rank considers metrics like Total Reach, Total Impressions, Taps, Clicks.

Rank influencer


Real-time data tracking

directly from Instagram and accessible in detail from the campaign dashboard.

Raccolta dati real time


Influencer team management

to choose who to invite and who to replace.

Gestione team influencer


PDF report download

including performance overall, details, influencer rank and best contenti.

Download report


Content download

made by influencers for your campaign. This way you can share them on your channels and show them to your team much faster.

Download contenuti

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