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Set the price of your monthly campaign based on the number of content, influencers, and results you want to get.

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Using an influencer management tool, you can ensure the success of your customers and a real optimization of your effort and revenue.

Annual Partnership program includes:
Access to partners’ Discount OR Cashback
Access to Partner content
Multiple campaigns on different customers
Priority support
Are you an agency OR a brand that works with an agency?

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What license is included on content?
The basic license is included in all campaigns. It allows you to share content on your social media channels.

To expand the license of use for advertising purposes, custom solutions are provided based on the number of content, time of use and number of channels. Contact us for more information.
Can I use creators only to create content?
Yes and with the same campaigns process.
Creators will produce and provide content you can use on your ads, web site, newsletters and social media.

To enable the platform service or find the right mix you need to use a partner code. Book a call to request it.
How can I use Creator within 6/12 months?
When you buy a campaign for 6 or 12 months, the number of Creators purchased becomes credits that you can use in total flexibility.

You will find the counting of credits available in the Home platform. Whenever you need to use them in a campaign, simply select them as the last step in the brief compilation.

Purchased credits can be used by the expiration of your subscription (6 or 12 months). Any remaining credits are not refunded.
Am I bound to a minimum duration?
No, when you purchase a campaign it will end in one month.
If you purchase influencer credits for 6/12 months, your subscription will have the same duration.


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