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The Roundabout platform helps you manage multiple influencer marketing campaigns for your customers, keeping track of the results in real time. Get:

90% time saved

x8 ROAS in one year

Brands and Agencies use Roundabout to reduce influencer complexity

Why Roundabout

Pacchetti partner

Puoi decidere in che modo collaborare con noi per garantire soluzioni su misura per te e massimizzare i profitti dei tuoi clienti.

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Ore/uomo ridotte

Grazie al tool puoi trovare influencer di nicchia in pochi secondi e scaricare il report direttamente dalla piattaforma.

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Totale controllo

Attiva campagne multiple mantenendo il controllo sulla qualità influencer, brief, spedizioni e tracciamento dati.

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Partner solutions

You can decide how to work with us to deliver solutions tailored to you and maximize your customers' profits.

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Reduced work/person

Thanks to the tool you can find niche influencers in seconds and download the report directly from the platform.

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Full control

Activate multiple campaigns while maintaining influencer quality control, briefs, shipments and data tracking.

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How does it work?

Integrate Micro Influencer Marketing into your agency’s offering in a few steps. Discover with us how to get started and the results you can get.

1. Scegli il budget e i risultati da raggiungere
2. Scegli il team e descrivi lo storytelling
3. Attiva e monitora la campagna

"We were able to control the whole experience and shipments with zero effort."

Stars - Marketingly X Webflow Template

"We finally found a platform that continues to give us real confidence."

Stars - Marketingly X Webflow Template

"We managed to reach new customers with hyper-local promotions throughout Italy."

Stars - Marketingly X Webflow Template

Define with us the campaign setups that best suit your customers

Each agency has different sizes, customers and working methods. For this you can access customized solutions based on your sales volumes or campaign modes.


Reduce the effort and maximize results

Validated influencer lists
Brief templates
Campaign quotes management
Publication calendar
Shipment addresses management
Multiple campaigns
Real-time reports

Quickly share information with your customers

Be ready! Instantly reply and share your customers' daily requests.


Targeted influencer lists

Shipments and publications

Quotes and reports download

Content dowload

Submit only influencers validated using valuable technologies

Promote the trust your customers expect from you. Ensure campaign success by using only validated and categorized influencer profiles based on the exact audience and niche.


What do you need to convert? 🚀

01 - Validated Target

Profiles are categorized by the audience and industry thanks to the official Instagram APIs.

02 - Clear communication

For each campaign, create the brief to explain to influencers how to create the right storytelling.

03 - Tracked KPIs

You can design and execute influencer strategies with minimal effort from one single space.

04 - Ambassador

Achieve at least an x8 ROAS with a team of ambassadors and an optimization tool.

05 - Affordable prices

You can always know how much you will spend and what results you will get before starting the campaign.

06 - Valuable Storytelling

Translate your campaign information into experiential and valuable storytelling.

A tool you can trust

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"With Roundabout, we work with Micro Influencers across Europe, and finally, we've found a platform that consistently gives us confidence."
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Any question?

What license is included on content?

With the purchase of campaigns on Roundabout is included the basic license on the use of the content, that allows you to have them available for recondivision on social included mention of the Creator.

To expand the license of use for advertising purposes, custom solutions are provided based on the number of content, time of use and number of channels. Contact us for more information!

Can I use the platform in white label?

Sure! Our only goal is to offer a highly effective influencer marketing tool. You can use it in white lable or not depending on what you need.

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