Tell who you’ve always been in a whole new way

We want to allow you to tell the values of your company through a new channel, influencer marketing, and do it quickly and easily.

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One-click Influencer Marketing

The Creator Economy is reality. With Roundabout we want to make Influencer Marketing affordable, accessible and knowledgeable.

We support small and medium-sized companies in spreading their values and their business by taking care of those who, together with us, work to achieve these goals: influencers.

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"We want to be the head quarter for anyone who wants to create a profession from this channel."

Ilaria Di Lecce
CEO & Co-Founder Roundabout

Leadership team

Our values⚖️


We take risks, we are adaptable and reconfigure our comfort zones always.


We want to achieve goals we haven’t even imagined yet.


We don’t work in Roundabout because we have to, but because we love what we do.


Respect, comparison and understanding are the foundations of any work.


No matter how high the wall is, we’ll find a way past it.


We solve difficult problems by working with intelligence, not strength.

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