How to do Influencer marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The hottest shopping period of the whole year is coming: Black Friday. In this white paper you will find all the tips for using influencer marketing to stand out in the sea of ​​offers.

Strategies for choosing your influencer
How much to invest
News for selling online
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What you'll find inside


How to choose and test influencers BEFORE the event

it is important to have a clear forecast of the results


How to set your budget to maximize profit

How to set up your campaign so you don't fail on the first try


How to experience live shopping

a rapidly growing market to take into consideration


The new 2024 trends

what to do in the next few months to keep up with the times

Why you should read it

Are you looking for the right influencers to promote your product or service, but don't know which way to turn?

You need profiles in line with the sector and belonging to your super niche. They should have a very active community, but which also respects the age criteria of your target, who know how to valiantly and thoughtfully describe a product, but who also have a visual style consistent with the identity of your company.

We understand you and know how to help you!


Trusted by teams

We've been able to involve Micro Influencers targeted by geography and niche. We also have been able to control and manage all the experiences, shipments, and editorial plan of every single campaign. All strictly tracked!

Alessio Brero
Co-Founder Pian della Mussa

We work with Micro influencers all over Europe and we finally found a platform that continues to give us real confidence.

Manuela Muratore
Chief Digital Officier Skinlabo

We found the greatest solution to identify the right influencers for the Poormanger format, the niche we were looking for and that fit with different goals. In addition to the excellent performance in terms of social results, the profiles we involved produced a high quality images, videos and storytelling.

Daniele Regoli
Founder Poormanger