Hotel Influencers: Elevating Your Hotel's Brand with Top Influencers

Hotel Influencers: Elevating Your Hotel's Brand with Top Influencers

Hotels can harness the influence of content creators to create authentic and engaging content that sets them apart

June 2024
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Hotel Influencers: Elevating Your Hotel's Brand with Top Influencers

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, hotels are swiftly catching onto the influencer marketing trend. It's not just e-commerce and DTC brands that are reaping the benefits of influencer collaborations anymore. In recent years, influencers have emerged as the secret sauce for hotels looking to flaunt their unique offerings and entice travelers to choose them as their next destination. If you're eager to learn how to harness the power of hotel influencers, you're in the right place. We'll even introduce you to some top-notch content creators who've already helped brands like yours outshine the competition. Let's dive in.

The essence of a Hotel Influencer

A hotel influencer is, essentially, a trendsetter in the realm of travel and hospitality. Through captivating storytelling and firsthand experiences, these content creators have the ability to make hotels and accommodations seem irresistibly alluring.

Hotel influencers have painstakingly nurtured a loyal audience that trusts their recommendations when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Hotels that partner with these influencers can leverage their online clout to enhance visibility and fortify their online reputation, ultimately standing out in the fiercely competitive world of hospitality.

Essential tips for collaborating with Hotel Influencers

To make the most of your partnership with hotel influencers, here are some key considerations to keep in mind as you plan your next influencer campaign:

1. Prudent creator selection

Your hotel influencer campaign's success hinges on your choice of content creators. Take your time to identify the ideal influencer and build your team around that persona. Consider these factors:

  • Brand Alignment: Ensure that the influencer's content, values, and audience resonate with your hotel's image and target demographic.
  • Consistency: Look for influencers who consistently create content, with at least two weekly posts.
  • Quality: Prioritize content quality over follower count. Exceptional content always trumps a large audience.
  • Engagement Rate: A higher engagement rate signifies a strong connection with the audience.
  • Past Collaborations: Investigate how the creator has worked with brands in the past to envision a compatible collaboration style with your brand.

Pro Tip: Use a customizable Creator Mood Board to align your influencer marketing goals, content style, and ideal influencer persona.

2. Extend an invitation

For influencers to create authentic content, they need to experience your hotel firsthand. Follow these steps to initiate the process:

  • Identify influencers in alignment with your brand and target audience.
  • Engage with the creator on social media to build rapport.
  • Reach out via email or direct message, explaining why their content caught your eye and suggesting a potential collaboration.
  • Clearly outline what you can offer, such as complimentary stays, unique experiences, or exclusive access.
  • Express how the partnership can benefit both parties.
  • Define the next steps for the collaboration to move forward smoothly.

3. Clearly define expectations

Once the influencers are on-site, provide clear guidelines and expectations. Specify the number of posts, and any specific highlights you require. This ensures that you receive the content you need.

4. Avoid micromanaging

While setting expectations is essential, allow influencers the creative freedom to produce content in their own style. They know their audience best, so trust their judgment.

5. Offer a personalized experience

Enhance the influencer's stay and create memorable content through these means:

  • Reach out in advance to understand their preferences, dietary restrictions, and interests.
  • Leave a personalized welcome note and a thoughtful gift or amenity related to their interests in their room.
  • Arrange exclusive access or behind-the-scenes tours of your hotel's facilities.
  • Collaborate with your chefs to offer a personalized dining experience.
  • Express your gratitude with a personalized thank-you note and a memento of their stay as they depart.

6. Showcase your unique features

Highlight what sets your hotel apart from the rest, be it a breathtaking rooftop bar, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, exceptional staff, or any other distinctive feature. Ensure your influencers include this highlight in their campaign deliverables.

7. Encourage exploring the locale

Your hotel is just one part of the equation. Inform your influencers about local attractions and activities around your establishment, demonstrating how your hotel is the ideal base for city exploration.

8. Focus on problem solving

Collaborate with influencers to identify common challenges travelers face when booking hotels in your area. This could encompass family-friendly options, budget-friendly choices, or unique experiences. Your influencers can then provide practical tips and solutions in their content.

9. Inject creativity into campaigns

The key to successful influencer campaigns is to have fun. When your influencers are enjoying themselves, it resonates with their audience. Here are some creative campaign ideas:

  • Themed Room Makeovers: Collaborate with influencers to transform a hotel room into a themed wonderland. Document the transformation process for a unique and shareable experience.
  • Mystery Getaways: Offer influencers a "mystery getaway" if your hotel has multiple locations. The element of surprise generates excitement and engagement.
  • Interactive Scavenger Hunts: Create a scavenger hunt around your hotel or city, with influencers sharing clues and challenges on social media, encouraging their followers to participate.

Top Hotel Influencers to inspire your strategy

Here are ten hotel influencers who can help elevate your marketing strategy:

  1. The Points Guy: Brian Kelly, a travel rewards and loyalty programs expert, provides unique content to inspire your hotel marketing strategy.
  2. The Traveling Child: Monet Hambrick, a family travel influencer, appeals to parents seeking family-friendly accommodations.
  3. Kasia and Graham Lukaszczuk: This duo provides a personal perspective on hotel experiences, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Chantelle Pang: Offers insights into high-end accommodations for those seeking upscale travel experiences.
  5. Gamintraveler: Ruben Arribas and Rachel Molina capture the essence of mixing work with play, fostering a sense of community among travelers.
  6. Johnny Jett: Provides money- and time-saving travel tips, making travel affordable and enjoyable for families.
  7. Kate McCulley: Offers tips for solo travelers, helping them make the most of their experiences.
  8. Gil Antolin: Teaches how to get paid to travel the world, creating aspirational content for luxury enthusiasts.
  9. Kellee Edwards: Explores unconventional destinations and accommodations, shedding light on unique travel experiences.
  10. smashpop: Offers authentic and relatable travel content, appealing to a broad audience.

Do Hotels Collaborate with Influencers?

Absolutely! Hotels frequently collaborate with influencers to broaden their reach and showcase their properties. This symbiotic relationship leverages influencers' credibility and reach to create authentic and engaging content.

What is a Hotel Influencer?

A hotel influencer is a content creator, often boasting a significant online following, who specializes in showcasing hotels and accommodations. They convey their travel experiences through blog posts, social media updates, and videos, highlighting stays at various hotels and resorts.

Hotel influencers collaborate closely with properties to deliver authentic reviews, promote amenities, and engage with their audience. Their compelling content serves as a potent tool for hotels, helping them gain visibility, build trust, and attract potential guests, ultimately establishing them as indispensable partners in the marketing efforts of the hospitality industry.

What hotels are looking for influencers?

Hotels of all types and sizes are keen on collaborating with influencers. This includes boutique hotels, luxury resorts, international chains, and even smaller, family-owned properties.

These hotels look for influencers whose content aligns with their target audience, values, and brand image. By leveraging the reach and authenticity of these influencers, hotels aim to promote their accommodations, amenities, and unique experiences. Many hotels recognize the value of influencer marketing in enhancing their online presence, generating user-generated content, and ultimately driving bookings. Consequently, influencers from various niches, including travel, lifestyle, and hospitality, are in high demand among hotels looking to bolster their marketing efforts.

How do I invite influencers to my hotel?

Inviting influencers to your hotel is a strategic process that can yield remarkable results. Here is a quick overview of the steps involved:

  1. Identify Aligned Influencers: Start by identifying influencers whose content aligns with your brand and target audience.
  2. Initiate Contact: Reach out to influencers through email or direct messages, expressing genuine interest in their content and proposing a potential collaboration.
  3. Detail What You Offer: Clearly outline what you can provide, such as complimentary stays, unique experiences, or exclusive access to various hotel amenities.
  4. Emphasize Mutual Benefits: Stress the mutual benefits of the collaboration and the value the influencers can bring to your hotel.
  5. Set Expectations: Ensure clear communication about expectations, deliverables, and any contractual terms.
  6. Build Relationships: Personalize your approach and build relationships with influencers for long-term collaborations, increasing the likelihood of successful partnerships.

In conclusion, working with hotel influencers is a dynamic and rewarding endeavor for hotels seeking to enhance their brand and attract more guests. By selecting influencers carefully, offering unique experiences, and maintaining clear communication, hotels can harness the influence of these content creators to create engaging, authentic content that resonates with potential guests and elevates their marketing efforts in a highly competitive industry.