5 Advanced Techniques for Marketers to Increase B2B Sales Leads

61% of companies consider generating reliable B2B sales leads to be one of their most challenging tasks, so let's see how to fix it

June 2023
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5 Advanced Techniques for Marketers to Increase B2B Sales Leads

Selling products or services to companies can often be easier than selling to individual customers. Businesses tend to be less price-sensitive and more committed to long-term goals. However, generating B2B sales leads can still be a challenge for many brands. In fact, a recent marketing survey revealed that 61% of companies consider generating reliable B2B sales leads to be one of their most challenging tasks.

While traditional methods like email and cold-calling campaigns are effective, there are advanced techniques that marketers can employ to build a list of high-quality B2B sales leads. In this article, we will explore five such techniques.

1. Participate in the Community

According to a LinkedIn study, 72% of B2B buyers research purchase options via social media. However, simply having a social media presence is not enough. To effectively engage the community, marketers need to actively participate by commenting on posts, following influencers, and expanding their professional network. By doing so, they can increase their brand's visibility and develop personal connections with potential B2B clients. Establishing familiarity and trust can significantly improve the chances of positive responses when making sales pitches.

2. Be a Thought Leader

Building brand recognition and becoming an influencer in the industry is a powerful way to generate B2B sales leads. Marketers can achieve this by publishing research reports, authoring white papers, hosting webinars, and creating engaging content such as videos and podcasts. Establishing authority and credibility in the industry enhances trustworthiness and increases brand recognition, both of which play vital roles in attracting B2B sales leads.

3. Generate More Online Reviews

Reliability and efficiency are crucial factors that B2B clients value. Positive product reviews from other buyers can greatly enhance credibility and trust. Research shows that 91% of consumers aged 18-34 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Marketers should encourage genuine reviews from satisfied customers and address any negative feedback professionally. Genuine online reviews, whether positive or negative, can play a pivotal role in generating B2B sales leads.

4. Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is popular among B2C businesses, it is often overlooked in the B2B realm. However, influencers hold significant sway even in B2B decision-making processes. Collaborating with influencers who are respected in the industry or influential among small business owners can elevate brand reputation and expand the reach to a highly engaged audience. Partnering with influencers for events, endorsements, or content creation can foster trust and generate valuable B2B sales leads.

5. Attend or Organize Trade Shows

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to network and make industry connections. By attending big trade shows, marketers can engage with senior executives and gain valuable insights into the industry. Organizing smaller trade shows at a regional level or hosting invite-only executive events can provide a more focused platform for promoting the brand and attracting potential B2B buyers. Building credibility through high-quality events and inviting industry influencers can further enhance the impact and legitimacy of the brand.

Bonuses: Re-Engagement Marketing and Referral Programs

Reactivating former clients through personalized email or telemarketing campaigns is a cost-effective strategy compared to acquiring new B2B sales leads. Additionally, implementing referral programs that reward both existing and new customers can incentivize word-of-mouth promotion and further expand the customer base.

You could also consider launching a referral program that rewards both parties. This would provide incentives for both your current customers and any additional customers they help bring on board.

For instance, Google has a referral program for G Suite which helps them get B2B sales leads and conversions. For every business that you refer, you get $7.50 for every user that registers up to $750 per domain. This way, their customers can earn for every additional user that registers in their referral’s domains too.

While most companies have some form of retention and referral strategy in place, quite a few still don’t. Failing to follow up on and leverage good existing B2B sales leads is essentially like leaving money on the table.


To generate new B2B sales leads, marketers must take proactive and innovative approaches. Active participation in the community, becoming a thought leader, leveraging online reviews, utilizing influencer marketing, and attending or organizing trade shows are powerful techniques to increase brand recognition, build credibility, and generate valuable B2B sales leads. Implementing re-engagement marketing and referral programs can further enhance customer retention and acquisition. By employing these advanced techniques, marketers can achieve significant growth in their B2B sales efforts.