Top influencer of July: @lorsoincucina

influencer food of the month @lorsoincucina

August 2023
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Top influencer of July: @lorsoincucina

In the world of cooking, there is a creator who shines with his infectious energy and irresistible recipes. It is with great pleasure that we present our creator of the month: the incredible @lorsoincucina. Get ready to be inspired by his tasty creations and discover why he has become a true reference for cooking enthusiasts.If you don't know Alex yet, we suggest you take a look at his profile. You will find his engaging campaigns with brands such as Winelivery, Settesoli, Johnny Rockets and many others in which he has participated thanks to our influencer marketing tool, Roundabout. Thanks to his content he has achieved great results for each campaign, with an average of 91,000 views, 89.5 comments and 512 likes, he has a significant impact on the community that follows him.

A culinary superpower

What makes Alex truly special is his ability to skillfully combine the flavors of his travels and origins into unique and colorful recipes. His boldness in culinary experiment and innovation leads to the creation of unforgettable dishes. Each bite is a sensory journey that will transport you to faraway places. In fact, his dishes are born from the encounter of different cultures, an incredible culinary contamination that tells the story of Alex's origins. In his blog he details all his most interesting recipes, visit

Alex's charisma in the kitchen

It is not only his culinary skills that capture your attention, but also his infectious smile and engaging charisma. By following his content, you will feel like you are right next to him in the kitchen, experiencing every moment of preparation. His images are a true visual spectacle, capable of whetting the appetite of anyone who looks at them.@lorsoincucina is an extraordinary creator who enchants us with his recipes and his passion for cooking. We are grateful to have him as our creator and thank him for the wonderful creations he shares with the community. Follow Alex to discover new recipes and to be inspired by his culinary talent that makes cooking an extraordinary experience.